X-MEN Pornography Story: Thick Sista, My Arse

X-MEN Pornography Story: Thick Sista, My Arse

On a small strip of sand by an ocean surrounded on all sides by
trees, the sun rolled hazy rays of light from the clear blue sky. It
heated the sand all around Kitty Pryde as she lay on her beach
blanket. A small smile cross her lips as she sunbathed alone on this
stretch of sand that no one else seemed to have found. It was
slightly off-season for tourists, being just the beginnings of
springs. The professor had brought the entire team down here to
Hawaii for some fun after far too much fighting with enemies who
wanted them dead.

Kitty laid on her blanket in her two piece blue bikini, her skin
dimpled with drops of sweat that grew fat in the heat until they
rolled of her skin in a glistening trail. Any that grew on the
browning skin of her back rolled down the slight slope towards the
waiting pool already started there. The drips of water sent chills
along the young girl’s spine everytime one went with gravity and
skimmed her body.

Her top was undone and lying under her. She had got it into her head
to get a lineless tan so she had found this secluded spot on the
beach. She was still a little nervous about turning over and exposing
her breasts to the sun and air lest someone come. She had been here
for about half an hour now and seen no one.

She was still plucking up the courage for the final turn when she
heard the rustle of branches suddenly very close by and nearly froze
in panic. She was frantically trying to tie her swimsuit back up when
Scott Summers broke through the foliage and onto the little beach.

Kitty let out a sigh of relief and laid back down, top still untied.

She laid flat on her front and let out a cheery “hey Scott!”
Scott stopped when he saw that Kitty was topless, or almost anyway
and at tut turned around. He had only searched for her because he
hadn’t seen Kitty in awhile and asked around where she was.

He cleared his throat and said, “hey, sorry but I just wanted to be sure
you were okay.” The X-men leader thought that there were far too many
times when one of them would wander off by themselves and end up
kidnapped or attacked. Hell, it happened even when they were in
groups now!

“Oh yeah, I’m fine! Just working on my tan,” she said casually and
grabbed her bottle of sunscreen. “Hey, do me a favour and put some
more of this on my back? I don’t think I got enough back there.”

Scott blinked but came forward. He knew the request meant absolutely
nothing but a small part of his mind couldn’t help
screaming, “awesome! A topless girl wants me to rub lotion on her!”

Sure he’s the leader of maybe the best team of mutants on the planet
but come on! He’s still a seventeen-year-old!
He pushed thehoughoughts away and came forward on sandals, tan shorts
and a tropical shirt. Alex said he looked “way rad” in them before he
couldn’t object. He got down beside kitty who gave him a smile before
lying back down. Scott squeezed some sunscreen onto the naked back of
his youngest teammate and began to rub it on. His hands sweeped and
circled over the tight skin and lean muscles underneath. These
muscles qui rel relaxed under the steady motion of Scott’s hand and
he would have sworn he heard her sigh.

Much to Cyclops’ chagrin he realized that he was starting to get hard
in his shorts as he stroked Kitty’s back.

`Its just a back!’ he thought to himself but of course he had his
hands on her back and that lead to thoughts of her sides and then to
what was below the sides and how his hands would feel there and etc…

`Must be the heat,’ he added grimly, shifting his position to get
more comfortable.

Kitty gave a little “mmm” of pleasure and said, “you’ve got like
really good hands, Scott.”

“Thanks,” he murmured. He started using more of his thumbs, pressing
along her spine and the surrounding muscles, turning it into a
massage. His fingers slipped up to her neck and worked on the muscles
there, kneading away all the tension before working back down to her
lower back just about the line of her bottoms and pressing in there.
Kitty moaned when she felt the pressure.

“Where’d you learn to do this,” the young girl breathed out starting
to feel pleasantly like a bowl of jello.

“It was in the fearless leader textbook the Professor gave to me when
I joined up,” Scott joked. Kitty giggled and said, “yeah, I bet none
of the other guys can do this, but you’ve always been kinda special.”

The combo of the sun, water and pleasant massage had loosed Kitty’s
tongue more then any drug could, too relaxed to be tactful or think
of feelings.

“Really?” Scott asked, quirking an eyebrow. “Special?”

“Yeah, you’ve always been special, not one of the guys and all…”
Something about her tone caught up to Scott’s brain and he asked what
she meant.”

“Just that you’re not like other guys. I don’t gotta worry about you
horning after me or anything. I could never ask of the other boys to
do this.” She added.

“Really.” Scott said neutrally but kept on rubbing. His erection was
slowly ebbing.

“Yeah, it’s like your one of the girl. You’re like a big sister to
me. Kinda like Jean with a penis.” She added with a giggle.

Scott’s dick acted like it had been shot and flopped down dead. He
gave out a forced “huh” but kept on rubbing. Kitty didn’t seem to
notice the difference while four words whirled around in Scott’s head.

“Jean with a penis.”
“Jean with a penis.”
“Jean with a penis.”

In a very deep part of Scott’s mind he had already made up his mind
what he intended to do but it would take a while to get up to the
level of conscious thinking, but for now it kinda dictated the way he
acted. All he knew now was that he was deeply offended by what she
had said.

The next thing, Kitty knew she felt her bikini bottoms being tugged
down off her ass. Her eyes flew open and looked around at Scott in

“Wha-what are you g?”g?” she stammered out

Scott feigned an innocent look and said, “you did want to get a
lineless tan didn’t you? You did take off your top.”
“Well, yeah but—”

“So you should take off the bottoms as well,” Scott interrupted,
still tugging. “Don’t worry, I’ll put some sunscreen on so you don’t
get a red ass, not that I’ll be able to tell or anything.” He added
with a disarming smile.

Kitty smiled back a little nervously but let him do it, blushing a
little. After all this was Scott. What was he going to do besides
what he said?

Scott pulled the blue bottoms off, exposing the start of her expanse
of pale skin. To Scott it was tinged in red but it didn’t stop the
reality that he was looking at Kitty Pryde’s naked ass. He thought
that Kurt would literally kill to be him right now.

When the bottoms were taken totally off her looked for just a second
to memorize every curve. The way it swelled out from her body,
blemishles. The line down the center led his eye down to where her
legs were closed tightly together, revealing nothing. The muscles in
her underneath the skin were flexed and Scott’s length skipped back
up. He wanted to just lower his face right into the crack of her ass
and run his nose along it. She probably spent hours scrubbing herself
and was squeaky clean. They would feel so soft against his cheeks.

“Come on,” Kitty said impatiently, pulling him out of his
thoughts. “I’m going to get burned!”

“Okay, hold on,” Scott said back. He took the bottle of and squeezed
a dollop onto each of her cheeks. His dick was not just straining in
his pants as he placed one hand on each cheek and rubbed it in,
kneading each tight globe rhythmically. He slipped down to the backs
of her thighs and spread it there, rubbing the skin. His thumbs met
in the crevice of her legs and rubbed there lightly, sliding up to
where leg became something else. He felt Kitty shiver when his
thumbs passed that little depression where two thighs and two cheeks
meet, a little defenseless place, where if pressed to deep, would be

Kitty felt her Scott’s thumbs there and felt her body respond even
though she didn’t want to. She shivered as the boy behind her played
along her skin She knew this was passing over into something else and
the fact that it was Scott paralyzed her. She had really never felt
this way around him before. She felt the finger of one hand slide up
the crease of her ass from the bottom to the top and Kitty clenched
which made her realize something. She was getting really turned on.

When she had clenched she had felt the excitement give a little
miniburst and she must be wet by now. But this was Scott! She was
too confused to do anything so she just let him go.

Scott traced the ass of the girl who was for all intents and purposes
naked. But for what intents and purposes?

Scott took the hand that wasn’t trace this delicious line of Kitty’s
and placed it between her knees, moving it up just until the
resistance was to tight. He didn’t want to force it through; he
wanted her to let him herself. To want his touch on her.

The hand on her ass took hold of one cheek and pulled it to one side
until the small knot of hidden muscle winked at him. He saw Kitty’s
hand grip the edges of the blanket but didn’t tell him to stop. He
leaned his face down and put it very close so that his breath fell
onto this spot. Scott felt Kitty give a jerk but her legs give way a
little bit for his hand, very close now, he could feel the heat he
tell tale signs of her wetness that had seeped out and down her
clenched thighs. Scott went for broke and dropped a soft little kiss
at the very top of ass. Kitty’s thighs let go just a bit more. When
Scott kissed again but this time let his tongue touch the skin she
let go completely.

The kiss on Kitty’s skin had nearly made the young girl cum. She had
never known she could get this turned on by someone touch her butt.
Lance had touched her there, well, more of grabbed really, and she
had never felt this. Scott’s hand was waiting to touch her and she
knew this and wasn’t sure she should let it. But all thoughts ceased
with that kiss and her body had taken over. The tongue had sealed it.

Her thighs let go completely and his hand found her very wet,
dripping almost. The warm, strong fingers traced through the lips of
her quim, teasing her before going deeper into the heated folds,
making Kitty squirm. Her hips started rocking against the slow hand
between her legs. His mouth hadn’t stopped though and was now kissing
its way across her butt over, each cheek, away from the middle. Kitty
only knew the faintest notions of teasing but she knew the slow
fingers between her lips and the kisses were driving her insane.

Scott teased her this way until he had her panting and then took a
little pity on her. His kiss’s turned to licks and came closer to the
crack of her ass. He breathed arm air against the puckered anus
before letting his tongue give the entire crack one long slow lick.
His other hand pressed on her clit at the same time, rubbing it hard
and slow.

Cyclops almost lost his teeth when Shadowcat bucked her hips up hard,
knocking his face as the orgasm took her hard and fast. It invaded
her body, starting in her ass before streaking across her clit and
through the rest of her. She gasped through it, grinding her hips
against Scott’s hand and face who busily rubbed her clit and licked
deep into her ass through it all. Her muscles finally relaxed and she
lay in a heap, again like so much jello.

When Kitty finished her immediately took the hand that was not busy
between Kitty’s legs and grabbed the sunscreen. He poured some along
the loose crease of her ass and then rubbed it in between the cheeks.
He had a niggling thought that Kitty was a virgin and he didn’t
intend on taking that. Not where his hand was anyway.

He found the loose knot of Kitty’s sphincter and pushed his middle
finger against it and felt it slide all the way in.

Kitty let out a yelp of surprise before groaning as the finger worked
inside her ass.

Scott raised his eyebrows in surprise at how easily it went in.
wasn’t the first time supposed to be hard? Maybe Kitty was…what was
the Freud term in…anally fixated, and just likes it back here.
He didn’t stop to think much but pushed down his by now waay too
tight shorts and exposed his hardon to the air. Kitty was too wrapped
up in what his finger was doing to see him coat his dick with the
sunscreen until she felt his finger leave her ass.

Kitty thought it was over and was kinda sad it was until she felt
something way bigger and harder then a finger press itself against
her ass. Kitty clenched the blanket hard and gritted her teeth as
whatever it was pushed itself into her ass. It felt enormous…but so
good! “Oh, God,” she whined out as it slid further in.

Scott Summers slid more of his cock deep into the ass of Kitty Pryde,
amazed at how easy it was going in. pretty soon the hot and smooth
ass clenched all of his cock rhythmically, pulsing. The few time he
had had sex with Taryn it had never felt like this. Not even close.

His naked hips made contact with Kitty’s butt and they both shuddered
deeply. The slowly began grinding their hips against each other,
sparking off firecrackers of pleasure in each of them. Kitty wasn’t
even being touched on her slit anymore and she was still getting off.
It would have confused her if it didn’t feel so great and took up
everything she thought.

Scott breathed deeply and said quietly, “you okay, Kit?”

“Yeah….” Was her only answer.

Scott began to move, sliding himself half way out the open ass before
going back in. on the down stroke Kitty moaned deeply and thrust back
at him. To Kitty when he pulled out it felt like a great void was
being created until he came back in and filled it. He fucked her
harder and faster now, seeing that he wasn’t and maybe even couldn’t
hurt her this was. The gentle slap slap and ass to hips grew in tempo
as they screwed. Scott felt the pressure build in his length as it
fucked Kitty’s ass faster. He lunged into Kitty’s ass hard one last
time and came, streaming cum into her bowels, bathing her insides in

Kitty felt the heat flood her bowels and knew he had cum in her ass.
The very thought sent her along for the ride.

They lay there panting for a moment until Scott’s cock slipped out of
her ass and he rolled off. The stayed silent for a moment before
Scott got his trunks and put them on. Neither knew what to say. They
exchanged a confused and nervous look before Scott said, “um, see you
at the hotel.”

“Yeah,” Kitty responded before he turned and left.

Kitty laid there for ten more minutes before getting dressed and
heading back.
A lot of people would want to know why her back was completely tanned
and her front wasn’t…

And just why the hell she wouldn’t sit down…

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