Xmen Pornography Story: into the-x-Six

Xmen Pornography Story: into the-x-Six

The next morning found Rogue and Jean inside the hidden Danger Room once again. They’d snuck down during the night, after everyone else had thought they’d gone to bed. Although there’d been a few night owls in their way, Jean had used her telepathic abilities to mask their presence from the ones she could. For those who weren’t affected by that sort of thing, she made sure Rogue and herself were well out of sight when those few mutants passed by.

They were by no means controlled by their libido, but they just couldn’t seem to get enough of each other. After the incident at the diner, Jean had a strong need to prove to Rogue that she could be treated the way a lady should be treated. She wanted Rogue to know that there was someone who cared a lot for her and someone who thought she was a very wonderful person. Although at the moment, the sexy redhead found any sort of rational thought very hard to come by.

“Mmmm. Oooohhh, yesss!” Jean said, moaning as she pushed back against Rogue’s deep thrusts. Her eyes were closed tightly in pleasure and her entire body quivered from the feel of the thick shaft sliding back and forth within her. “Nnnngh! Thank you, mistress. I needed this so badly.”

“My pleasure, sugah. In more ways than one.” Rogue replied, between her own heartfelt moans of delight. She rocked her hips back and forth at a steady pace, pushing the pseudo-cock strapped to her waist as deep as she could with each stroke. “I think I needed this just as much as you did.”

“Oh, gawd. Your cock feels so good inside me. Please, may I come?”

“Not yet, baby. I want to come with you. Can you make it so that I can feel the same sensations your master would feel if he were here making love to you? I want to know what that feels like.”

“Mmmm. Nnnngh. C-couldn’t you just morph into a guy for that?”

“Yes, I could. But I want to make love to you as a woman. That’s the way it should be. Besides, morphing into a guy to make love to you just feels wrong.”

“Yesss. I understand. Ooh, gawd.” Jean said, unable to stop her moaning or her body from vibrating like a musical instrument from the pleasure flowing through it.

She concentrated ever so slightly and used her telepathic powers to give Rogue the belief that she was feeling things like a man would. She was rewarded for her efforts by her dear friend increasing the rate of her thrusts. Both women moaned even louder and Rogue knew that her orgasm wasn’t far away. She gripped Jean’s hips a bit tighter and pumped her cock into her velvety tunnel with loving firmness.

With each thrust, she felt the back of the plastic toy press into her throbbing clit, which caused her to repeatedly gasp with delight. It took only three more minutes of them moving as one for the both of them to reach that most sought-after plateau of heavenly pleasure. As their orgasms washed over them, Rogue held herself as deep inside Jean’s pussy as she could while the both of their bodies quivered deliciously.

She knew Jean was a very talented telepath, but the southern beauty was still amazed at just how real the sensations felt. Even though she could still feel things like a woman, it still felt like come was flowing out of her thick plastic cock. She also had the added pleasure of being able to feel Jean’s pussy rhythmically gripping the hardness strapped to her shapely hips.

When their orgasms finally faded away, the two of them collapsed upon the queen-sized bed. The pseudo-cock slipped from Jean’s pussy with a soft plop. Jean whimpered softly at the sudden emptiness, but that whimper turned into a deep groan as Rogue pushed her cock back inside the redhead’s hungry pussy. Then she lay down atop her best friend and nuzzled her ear lovingly as the two of them caught their breath.

“Mmmm. You know, for someone who wasn’t into girls at all, you certainly learned quickly how to please one.” Jean said, with a laugh.

“As did you, darlin’.” Rogue replied. “I knew I was missing something by not being able to touch others, but I had no idea just how much I was missing. Thank you for everything, baby.”

“Anytime, mistress. As long as you can make love to me like that, I’m willing to do anything you ask.”

“Mmmm. That’s good to know. Fucking is nice, but it’s even nicer to make love every once in a while.”

“I completely agree with you.” Jean said, squirming a bit underneath the southern beauty and gasping softly as the toy shifted a bit inside her. She turned her head to look up at the clock and sighed sadly upon seeing the time. “I think we need to get out of here. Everyone should start waking up in the next half an hour or so.”

“Yeah, I guess we’d better.” Rogue replied, pushing herself up slowly and gently withdrawing from Jean’s pussy.

She grinned wickedly as she looked down at the redhead and was about to tell her to lick her juices from it when Jean turned onto her back. She sat up with an equally wicked grin and leaned forward immediately to wrap her lips around the long, thick plastic cock. As Rogue watched, she closed her eyes and bobbed her head gently. The stunning young woman gasped softly and her eyes went wide as she could still feel things as a man would. She could feel Jean’s lips sliding up and down the pseudo-cock and she could feel her talented tongue swirling over every inch of the shaft that it could reach. She ran her fingers through Jean’s long, red hair and looked down at her tenderly as her friend lovingly cleaned every last trace of her juices from Rogue’s temporary cock.

When she was done, Jean lay back on her elbows and smiled up at her. She knew that they should really get back to the mansion, but she just couldn’t resist leaning down to give her friend a deeply passionate kiss. Their tongues entwined in a wild dance of love as their hands lovingly caressed each other’s bodies. Rogue allowed the kiss to linger for several minutes before pulling gently away and suggesting that they take a shower together. Jean nodded with a twinkle in her eyes and slipped out of bed. Taking the luscious southern belle by the hand, she led her into the large bathroom adjoining their holographic bedroom.

They both knew that they didn’t have much time, so there wasn’t much point in taking their time. Jean laid out their towels before dragging Rogue into the shower with her. After turning the water on and adjusting the temperature, she grabbed the shower sponge and poured some body wash into it. As she washed Rogue’s voluptuous form, she silently applauded Prof. X for having this real bathroom installed alongside the miniature, hidden Danger Room that they’d been using as a private bedroom. It’d be kind of hard to wash away the results of their numerous rounds of sex with holographic body wash.

She quickly finished washing her friend’s body and was about to do the same for herself when Rogue gently took the shower sponge away from her. With a wink, she returned the favor and lovingly washed Jean’s slightly slimmer figure. Then the two of them washed their hair, rinsed away the soap and shampoo, and stepped out of the shower. As they quickly dried off, Rogue brought up the question of Jean’s master once again.

“So, do you think we’re ever going to hear from your master again? It seems odd that we haven’t heard from him in so long. It’s been, what, near to a month now?” she said.

“Yeah, it has. I thought maybe he’d just been busy with work or something and hadn’t been able to have fun with us. But now I’m starting to wonder. I just wish we had some way to find him.” Jean said.

“So do I, honey. So do I.”

They slipped into the clothes that they’d brought with them the previous night, and then exited the high-tech holographic simulation room. After pressing her hand to the sensor pad next to the door to prevent anyone else from entering, Jean slipped her hand into Rogue’s and the two of them strolled along the passage leading back to the mansion. They’d barely been walking for five minutes when a voice suddenly screamed inside both of their minds. They staggered away from each other and pressed their hands to their heads as they tried to figure out what was going on.

Jean was the first to respond, having dealt with such unexpected situations before. She knew without a doubt that her master had been the one who’d screamed. She closed her eyes and fell within herself as she tried to make a telepathic connection with him. Almost immediately, the emotions accompanying the scream faded away and Jean realized that she’d made contact.

“What’s wrong?” she asked with her mind. “Are you okay? Where are you?”

She felt Rogue move closer and reached out to take her hand. With hardly any effort, she added Rogue to the telepathic conversation. The two women stood very still in the darkened passageway and listened intently to the man speaking inside their minds.

“I’m okay for the moment.” He said. “I’m sorry if I startled you, but I’ve been calling out to you for the last twenty minutes with no response. I was starting to get a bit annoyed because I thought you two were ignoring me.”

“We weren’t ignoring you, sugah.” Rogue thought to him. “We were…”

“Of course we weren’t ignoring you, master.” Jean said, cutting Rogue off. She squeezed her friend’s hand in silent apology before continuing. “We’ve been in a shielded room since last night. And we’ve been worried about you for the last few weeks. What’s going on?”

“I’m being hunted by psionic bounty hunters. I need your help to convince them to leave me alone. I normally wouldn’t ask, but this is supposed to be what the X-Men do.”

Always suspicious of people she hardly knew, Rogue began to get angry. “Wait a minute. Is this the whole reason you started trying to dominate us? You did it so that we’d be more inclined to agree to help you?”

“What?” he said. He sounded surprised and confused by her anger. “No, of course that’s not why I did it. I mean, when I first learned that I was being hunted, the X-Men were the ones I was told to ask for help. But that’s not now, nor was it ever, the reason I wanted to dominate the two of you. I first saw Jean on television and felt an immediate attraction to her. From that moment on, I wanted to possess all that she was. Likewise, when I met you in her dream, I quickly came to want the same thing with you.”

“You mean you experienced love at first sight with both of us? That seems highly unlikely.”

“No, it wasn’t love at first sight. But the attraction was no less powerful. I wanted Jean because I found her supremely beautiful and undeniably sexy. As for you, you had this contradictory dominant/submissive personality that I found intoxicating. I wanted, and still do want, both of you very badly.”

“Yes, yes.” Jean said, cutting her way back into the mental conversation. “We can discuss this all later. What’s important now is that we help you with your problem. Now did you say that you’ve got psionic bounty hunters on your tail?”

“Yes, I did. It all began because…”

“Please, just open your mind to me, master. I can read the entire history of your problem in a heartbeat without you having to say a word.”

“Yes, you’re right of course.” He thought back to her. There was a moment of silence, and then they heard his thoughts again. “There you go. My mind is an open book to you now.”

Jean quickly scanned his thoughts and nodded her head in understanding. Rogue and John sensed her swirling thoughts as she tried to figure out how to stop the bounty hunters from coming after him. Within seconds, they felt a sense of calm wash over the both of them. It seemed that she’d found the answer she sought and her next telepathic comment confirmed it.

“Don’t worry about a thing, master. I don’t think they’ll be bothering you for much longer.” She said.

“Oh? What are you going to do?” he asked.

“Well, let’s just say that not many evildoers want the X-Men on their tails. I think we can convince them that they’re better off with leaving you alone.”

“But how are we going to explain him to the rest of the team?” Rogue asked.

“Oh, we won’t need the rest of the team.” Jean replied. “We can handle this on our own. I think tonight will be the perfect time to put an end to this. In the meantime, master, can you get somewhere safe?”

“I’m not sure. When I first started running from them, it took them a few days to find my hiding spot. But that time has gotten shorter with each successive discovery. I really don’t know how long I have.”

“In that case, we’ll do it now. Give us a few minutes to get ready and then seal your mind against all telepathic intrusions. Don’t even leave your mind open to us. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do. Thank you.” He said.

“You’re very welcome. After this is done, we want to meet you in person. The dream dominance is nice, but we need to know the real you. Agreed?” Jean replied.

“If that is your wish, little one, I look forward to that meeting. But make it just the two of you. I don’t want everyone knowing where I live.”

“That’s fine with me.”

“Yeah, that’s fine, sugah.” Rogue agreed.

Jean and Rogue silently lowered themselves to the floor of the stone passageway and faced each other. Sitting Indian-style, they joined hands and psionically searched for the ones hunting their friend. Even though the bounty hunters were experienced telepaths and were excellently shielded against telepathic intrusions, it wasn’t very hard for Jean to find them. Rogue had a lot more trouble with it, but, with Jean mentally leading her by the hand, they both made a connection with them fairly easily.

“W-who are you?” said the strongest of the three bounty hunters. “And how did you break through our mind shield?”

“Well, we’re the X-Men.” Rogue replied telepathically. “As for how we found you, you should just ask my partner.”

“Yes, you should.” Jean replied, creating the mental landscape around them with barely a flicker of thought.

A mental representation of a football stadium appeared around them and she glared at the three people in high-tech uniforms standing before them. They looked highly uncomfortable and, just to further that discomfort, Jean created several psionic copies of her fellow teammates. Cyclops and Nightcrawler appeared to her left and Wolverine and Storm appeared to Rogue’s right. As they appeared, the one who spoke took an immediate step backward. The other two looked just as unnerved by their appearance.

“You picked the wrong person to hunt.” Rogue told them, looking from one to the other slowly. “You’re going to stop that hunt right now.”

“A-and if we don’t?” the one who was obviously the leader of the group asked. “We were paid quite well to retrieve him. Besides, what is he to the X-Men? We’ve done our homework and he’s not a part of your team.”

“No, he isn’t a member of our ranks.” The copy of Cyclops said. “But we’re here to protect the innocent. It doesn’t matter if we know them personally or not.”

“Yeah, she’s right, bub.” The copy of Wolverine replied. He lit a cigar and took a puff on it before continuing, “Would you rather lose your payday or lose your arms? It’s your choice.”

“Uh, boss, we hadn’t counted on angering the X-Men. I don’t want them after me. Maybe we would be better off with missing a payday. It’s not like we can’t afford to miss one.”

“Y-yeah, we should just let this one go.” The other said, flinching slightly as Wolverine’s claws shot out to full extension. “Besides, we don’t really have any proof that the kid did anything wrong.”

“Shut your mouth, you two. How do we even know that these are the X-Men? They could be any mutant.”

“But they were strong enough to break through both our mental shields and our psionic-enhancing technology. Who else could be strong enough to do that besides Jean Grey, one of the strongest telepaths on the planet?”

Instead of waiting for him to respond, Jean felt a nice scare would help convince him. Knowing her way around the astral plane as she did, she quickly grew to one hundred times her normal size. Leaning down, she plucked the leader from between his two nervous comrades and lifted him before her eyes. Her look was cold as ice as she spoke to him.

“Perhaps after I’ve wiped your mind clean of every last bit of knowledge of John, as well as any thoughts your cohorts have of him, you’ll finally believe that I am Jean Grey. Or perhaps I should have the real Wolverine come after you and your buddies. Maybe it’ll help convince you to leave John alone when Wolverine carves his names in your worthless hides.”

“Whoa, we’re the good guys, Jean. Remember?” Rogue called up to her, trying not to smile at Jean’s uncharacteristic viciousness. It took a lot to anger the redhead this much, but she could be very frightening once she had gotten to this point.

“So what? They need to be taught a lesson. Besides, who’s going to know what we do here?”

As Jean looked down at her, Rogue almost busted out laughing. She could see that her friend was only pretending to be angry. She was simply trying to scare them enough so that they’d never bother John again. Apparently, her ploy had worked because the one she held in her gigantic hand suddenly spoke.

“We’ll leave him alone. I swear. He’ll never hear from us ever again. Neither will you or your X-Men. Just, please, let us go.”

“Very well. I suggest you three retire from being bounty hunters. If you’re buddy there was telling the truth when he said you could miss a payday, it probably means that you have a great deal of money already. You’ve probably got enough to live quite well on for the rest of your lives. Am I right?” Jean said.

“Yes! Yes! All three of us are incredibly rich. We’ll never go on another hunt again. We promise.” He said.

Jean nodded and set him carefully on the ground. Then she shrank back to her normal size. She watched the three for a moment before turning to leave. However, before she left the mental realm completely, she left them with a final thought. She looked back over her shoulder at them and gave them a stern warning.

“If I find out that you haven’t done as you’ve promised, I’ll make all of you very sorry indeed. The mutant race doesn’t need people like you giving us a bad name. We’re doing all that we can to bring equality to both races and your actions only hinder our progress. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, ma’am.” The three of them replied together.

Jean nodded one final time, and then broke their connection. She opened her eyes and looked at Rogue as the two of them tried to relax from their mental journey. Although they hadn’t actually moved, the trip had still been quite exhausting. When they’d finally caught their breath, Rogue leaned closer and hugged Jean tightly. They remained that way for several minutes before gently pulling away from one another.

“Do you think they’ll keep their word?” Rogue asked.

“Oh, I’m sure they will. If they don’t, I’ll make sure that Wolverine does pay them a visit.” Jean replied, with a grin.

They both rose to their feet and Jean glanced at the door to their hidden Danger Room. Rogue could see the longing look in her eyes, even through the gloom of the darkened hallway, and soft chuckle flowed from her lips. Jean turned to look at her and grinned a bit in embarrassment.

“Using your powers like that kind of turns you on. Doesn’t it, darlin’?” she asked.

“Yeah, it kind of does. But it’s more the fact I’m using my powers than what I do with them that gets to me.”

“Well, we’ll have plenty of time for that later. We have a meeting with John to take care of first.”

Jean nodded and moved to lead the way back to the mansion. She held the hand light she’d picked up from the room behind them out in front of her to illuminate the path ahead of them. As she passed by her friend, Rogue swatted her firmly on the ass. Jean squeaked in surprise and looked back at her with a questioning look in her eyes.

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